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Our New Addition, “WestOK Web Accelerator”, is an Internet Accelerator for your dial-up internet connection. The main bottleneck to browsing the internet over dial-up is the slow speed of a modem connection.

The WestOK Web Accelerator client is a program that you install on your computer. When it is running, the client will automatically compress text and images downloaded by your web browser for you. Compressed content is smaller content; therefore, your modem will download it faster and your web pages will load noticeably faster, loading pages up to 6 (Six) times faster. The WestOK Web Acceleration System is particularly suited to dial-up customers.

The actual speedup ratio varies, depending on how graphic-intensive the typical website you visit is. On average, with typical web browsing you can expect websites to come up between three and six times faster. Text compresses very well, and depending on the text in question it can download anywhere from one to 50 times faster. A typical speed increase for text on web pages is about 5-10 times faster. WestOK Web Accelerator accelerates image downloading too, but since these are already optimized files, they cannot compress as well as text. By attempting to optimize the image further, its compression ratio can increase. These compressed images may look a little grainier than the original ones but download noticeably faster! With WestOK’s Web Accelerator default settings, images download an average of 2-3 times faster with only a slight cost in image clarity. You can adjust the speed/quality ratio to your preferences and retain the option to switch back to the original images.

Please note that the text and image speed increase only applies to files downloaded through a web browser (HTTP). WestOK Web Accelerator does not affect files downloaded or uploaded by FTP, HTTPS, and file sharing programs or streaming audio/video.

WestOK Web Accelerator also includes 5 more products, *Banner Ads Blocking, *Pop ups Blocking, *Anti-Spyware, *Parental Control and, *Tools for Privacy Protection and Applications Cleaning.

ALL THIS FOR ONLY $2.00 per month Added To Your Regular Billing. Try It And If Your Not Satisified We Will Remove It

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