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WestOK Internet Service provides a dedicated connection to the Internet with No Contracts or Download Limits!
Dial-Up Package $29.95 per month
Broadband Wireless Packages  

-128k download speed; 128k upload speed

$29.95 per month

-384k download speed; 128k upload speed

$39.95 per month

-768k download speed; 196k upload speed

$49.95 per month
Customer must purchase wireless equipment from WestOK Internet. Please contact WestOK Internet for equipment pricing*, a 2 year warranty is provided from WestOK Internet on all installed Wireless equipment. Unlike other wireless providers more than one pc can be connected with the use of  broadband router(~$80.00).
*The cost does not include locating the antenna. Some cases may require a mast or small tower. WestOK does not charge an installation fee. Unfortunately, this equipment is rather expensive. However, no markup is added to our price.
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